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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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Fourth poetry sale of 2012:
"Stone Ghost" will be appearing in Issue 4 of inkscrawl.

I'm excited about this one, as it's the poem I wrote about the absolutely huge Kronosaurus fossil housed at Harvard Natural History Museum!

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Finally, an awesome place to submit super-short poems!

Hurray! Congratulations! :)

Thank you :) And your icon is adorable.

Thanks! Rose Lemberg drew them for the 2012 Winter issue of Goblin Fruit. They just make me smile.

They'd make anyone smile!

(Deleted comment)
Thanks! And speaking of icons, I think you may have had the most consistent default icon of all my friends; it never changes.

(Deleted comment)
Whatever works for you :)

"Stone Ghost" will be appearing in Issue 4 of inkscrawl.


(Also, I love the Kronosaurus.)

I have always found Eosauropterygia, Nothosauria, and Icthyosauria cause for squee. Plesiosaurs especially.

Thanks :)

That editor must have spectacular good taste.

Or just really love swimmy dinosaurs. But I find the two things very often intersect ;)

Congratulations! Great journal for short poems.

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