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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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Stone Telling 7: Bridging (The Queer Issue) is live!

Inside, you will find a new poem from me, "Parallax," plus a recording of me reading it.

I think this may be the first time that my voice has appeared alongside my writing. You'll also find poems, recordings, and nonfiction from a number of other talented individuals.

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Inside, you will find a new poem from me, "Parallax," plus a recording of me reading it.

I am glad it found a home.

I'm glad you nudged it elsewhere :)

Hooray! *bookmarks for later perusal*

And okay, I read/listened to your poem already. Gosh, you have a lovely voice. <3

it is so true that poetry needs to be read and listened to... I listened and I liked... as teithiwr said above, you have a beautiful voice (I can still hear it resonating around my mind as I type these words)

I had a number of years' worth of voice training, so I do hope it at least paid off ;) Thank you so much.

(Deleted comment)
Thank you! I'm particularly pleased to have this one find a home, as it's got such significant resonance for me in recent months (in connection with a backlog of childhood and young adult experiences now proving incredibly relevant).

*applauds* I am thrilled for you! It is a great piece.

*hugs* Thank you :) I am rather chuffed.

Unforgettable, like a scent remembered from childhood.
Thank you.

Geneviève: Cuir de Russie par Chanel l’hiver, Coquillages par Schuberth l’été
Siger: Tabarome by Creed
(But, really-- umbrellas?!)

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