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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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Adventures in Cutting My Hair
This experiment has, since posting, experienced a setback.Collapse )

It looks good! Not many women can carry off that look, but it works for you!

Thank you :) I'm quite partial to it.

Another of my OL friends regularly shaves her head. There were lots of jokes about using her to sandpaper tables, but I digress.

I cut my hair for the first time at 24, which meant chopping off three feet of it. We're like hair-length opposites, heh. (Though I'm working up to a pixie cut, I think. One of these days...)

I can't imagine having multiple feet of hair O_O

I've shaved my head several times during my life, and it always is wonderful for the first several weeks and then starts becoming awkward, unless you keep shaving it. I'd do it again, but I have cysts on my head now that are apparently too small to be removed, but large enough to be visible, and I don't need to be known as 'lumpyhead' or whatever. But I've always enjoyed the sensations that come with shaving it. I wish more women felt comfortable doing it; I really like that look.

Are the cysts a result of repeated shaving, or unrelated? I ask because it might become a future concern for me if so. If not, I'm sorry to hear you have them and that they're preventing you from doing it any more :(

ajodasso Expand
I've often thought of shaving my head again, but if I did I'd have to stick with it forever because I just could not go through growing it out again. It looked absolutly horrendous between the stages of no hair and chin length which is quite a long time! I'm not sure I could commit to permanent hairlessness.

Oh, I could commit to it. All too easily!

ajodasso Expand
You're saying when you're over here we can't get you horribly drunk and shave it all off again? Shame.


You devil.

That is a very tempting offer.

You look fantastic with short hair - I've always considered you to be rather pixie-like.

I'm also working on not cutting my hair this year, but I'm starting from waist-length. My hair's really too thin to be this long, but I thought I'd see how long I could get it.

My hair's very fine and extremely abundant, so keeping it short is really the most manageable option for me!

Short hair rocks so much on you. <3 Good luck with the not cutting - it'll be a fun experiment even if it doesn't last the whole year, right?

It should be fun for as long as I can stand it, yes ;)

I've always preferred long hair - on everyone. When I was little, my mother always had my hair cut in a Pixie cute and I HATED it. So now, my hair is long and has been since I've had a say in the matter.

A person's hair is such a statement of self. I love you for your bravery in not only undertaking such a voyage of self discovery but also for inviting us along for the ride. Just keep posting pictures so we can know too.

I plan on continuing to post pictures, don't worry :)

Two friends shaved their heads, one at the beginning of the summer and one at the beginning of fall, and it's been fun/sometimes hilarious to view their hair's progress over the seasons. One has straight hair, which has gone through stages of very peculiar bedhead, especially on 8am days, and is actually halfway down her neck since May when she shaved it. I got undercuts last fall so my awkward growing out stages are still VERY MUCH happening, underneath the rest of my hair--sometimes it peeks out to play, though, and god forbid I wear a ponytail.

So I guess you'll be seeing some interesting changes as you progress! My girlfriend uses gel in her hair most days to avoid the bedhead--I don't know if that's more effort than you'd like to exert on hair? It is for me. :| But she looks nice with it. In any case, I hope doesn't too drastically stray from your sense of self. It looks really great right now.

Gel/matt paste sometimes works, but mine's not quite to the point yet where I can make it do anything terribly interesting. When it's slightly longer (for me), it's usually textured, in which case I definitely use some kind of product to make it do neat stuff.

Short hair/shaved head looks great on you, and I look forward to seeing the update photos!

...alas, I caved in and had it re-buzzed down to a 1 shortly after we got to London. Back to the beginning.