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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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List of my poems eligible for this year's Rhysling Award:
Here. There are also poems listed from a number of other writers, as you can see. If you download my file, you'll be able to access one of the four poems online, as it was published in Strange Horizons last year. The others are all in print publications, so if you lack the relevant publication and do not want to order it, please send me a PM and I'll send you the text of the poem(s) in question.

Best of luck, everybody. Nomination procedures are here.

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Do you have any copies of books for sale still? I get paid next Friday and I really would like to pick up something of yours.

Oh, damn - if you'd written me a week earlier, you could've had the only copies of my collection and two chapbooks that I had with me in the US, but I gave them away to a friend of James's! Your best bet is to hit up Amazon.com for Lost Books, Maverick Duck Press for the two chapbooks, and the Dark Mountain website carries the first two issues of the journal. Every other copy I have is in my flat in London at present.

That is precisely my sense of timing. Okay! I think I'm going to go for the chapbooks, I like chapbooks.

I'll try to get my hands on a few more copies of the collection and send you one.

That's brilliant, thank you so much! I've just ordered the chapbooks from Maverick Duck, I'm so excited to get them. :D

I hope you enjoy them, my dear!

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