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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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No news is good news, yes?
Our lawyer's work on the immigration front seems to be slow going; no news on the other matter, either. We wait.

Arisia was fun; I met cucumberseed, sovay, and a few other lovely people. It's rather sad that I couldn't attend for the whole weekend, but it was fascinating to see the new venue. It felt less cozy, somehow, than the Park Plaza did (that tells you how long it's been since I last attended; they had me still listed as a Wellesley student).

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Let's hope the honey gets there soon to hold hopes up. (Hopes need lots of high-quality sugars to keep a suitable altitude)

I'm expecting it within the week, based on past timing *hugs* And I think I have tracked down a place with blueberry-blossom honey, so expect some in return!

We'll raise out toasts (literal) to the Queen, then =)

*keeping everything crossed* Good luck with the lawyer. You need to be where your heart is. I know less than nothing about immirgration law but I do know a lot about faith and I'm holding you in mine.

So many people are, and I'm extremely grateful for that *hugs*

I hope the situation works out for you soon!

I don't know, but I wish that no news is good news. *hugs* Glad that you had some fun over the weekend. :)

Oh, did I ever - I'd have gone for the whole con, if it had been possible!

I hope that something has fallen out now. *Fingers crossed*

Well, the correspondence frequency is picking up, so we may have some concrete answers soon :)

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