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Meant to include this in the longer post I just made:

A (tiny) list of my Rhysling-eligible poems is here, along with those from a number of other writers. I was thrilled to have a nomination and make it into the anthology last year, although I'm sure I need to work on getting more published in relevant venues this year before I can be considered a real contender. Onward and upward!

ETA: Speaking of poetry, maybe some of you can help me out with this. I never lacked for readings/other paid gigs in London, because my primary publisher is based there. However, since coming to the US, I've received no invites to local events or to do readings, and, as I understand it, waiting on invites is more polite than being pushy. However, I get the impression I'm not as widely recognized here in the US as in the UK (and that makes perfect sense). What's a good, tactful way of saying "I'm here, and I'm perfectly willing to do readings and events" without coming off as a gratuitous self-promoter? Granted, we poets often have very little choice.
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