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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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New poem live at Strange Horizons as of yesterday:
The Book of Drowned Things

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(Deleted comment)
And thank you for reading :)

I actually saw this last night when randomly clicking over to Strange Horizons, and I was delighted to find it there. :)

It's totally the last poem I would have expected to find its debut there, too! I'm pretty pleased.

This is absolutely lovely.

So glad to hear you enjoyed the poem! Thank you :)

Lovely to be in touch, Love and hugs, Tasha

Lovely to be in touch with you, too! I see you've found a use for your new LJ :)

Thanks you for your kind response. Love that bird!

Thought your bird was a hoot! I ead the first 3 poems, very good. I plan to post more and do more with my site soon. Busy trying to keep up right now. I have a astrology column to set up and get out right now, taking precedence. Looking forward to more contact, Love and Blessings, Tasha

See you when we get back :)

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