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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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Wanderlust is finally out!
You can order it here, from Maverick Duck Press.

(My personal stock has run out!)

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Save one for me?
I can pay on Monday :)

Absolutely :) One is reserved for you!

(Deleted comment)
Have set one aside for you, my dear :) Re-email the snail mail just in case; I lost a Gmail message in which I'd stored a bunch of addresses. I really need a better filing system for RL contact information *headdesk*

I want!

BTW, any chance of meeting up this week or next? We're in London from Wednesday to Friday, then around Dover for another week.

You may certainly have one! If you PayPal me the funds and your current address, I'll post it out ASAP!

Alas, I'm leaving for a month up in York tomorrow, and so, unless you're coming up to York at any point, I will not be able to meet up with you :(

Hope you don’t mind but I’ve namechecked you in a recent blog post (RE writing and the lack of on my part), whored everywhere and added a link to your RL writing journal so lovely people interested in reading those things with words that we call books can find you.

I'm sorry you didn't win the People's Book Prize, but there's always next time, sweetheart!

(Psst, it's coldlikedeath being inconspicuous, LOL. This is my writing blog... come vist if you like!)

Hello, my dear! I'll add you back posthaste :)

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