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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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Butterfly Sanctuary Exhibition @ The Natural History Museum
Glad to see you

ETA: The exhibit attendant gave us bad information on what type of butterfly this is! He claimed it was a "Brazilian leaf butterfly," but it's clearly one of these!

ETA2: No, you're not misremembering this. That's why butterflies are dear to me.

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You are adorable! Those are such fun pictures!

I'm also incredibly intrigued by the ring on your right hand. If I may ask, what's on it?

That ring was made by an Israeli jeweler living in Austin, Texas circa 2001. He told me the inscription was his own stylized version of a hieroglyphic/hieratic inscription found above some Egyptian tomb door. I've never been able to authenticate this; he said he intended the inscription to mean transcendence. I've loved this ring for a long time, even if the person who gave it to me is long gone from my life.

It's absolutely gorgeous! And even more fascinating with it being hieroglyphics. It's always nice to have that something you wear in plain sight but is really just for you. ♥

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