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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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Butterfly Sanctuary Exhibition @ The Natural History Museum
Glad to see you

ETA: The exhibit attendant gave us bad information on what type of butterfly this is! He claimed it was a "Brazilian leaf butterfly," but it's clearly one of these!

ETA2: No, you're not misremembering this. That's why butterflies are dear to me.

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One stormy late summer day, my family and I were walking along the beach near my apartment and I found 2 monarch butterflies stuck to the wet sand. I coaxed them on to a branch and took them home and they lived with us for 2 weeks. They would cling our backs and ride between rooms.

/fond childhood memories.

Okay, I'm genuinely startled and delighted, because I have a very similar story to yours: when I was about nine years old, on my first trip to the beach (Ocean City, Maryland), I rescued a Red Admiral that was stuck on its back to the sand, legs flailing. I let it sit in my bucket with some shells I'd collected until its wings seemed to be dry enough (which was a few hours, and in those few hours, I'd grown very fond of the critter). Before we left to go peruse the boardwalk, I coaxed the butterfly onto my hand and tried to get it to fly. It made a few false starts, but finally fluttered off down the strand. We went to where we'd parked the car, which was a good ways from the beach, and as we finished packing up the blankets and other beach paraphernalia, one of my little sisters started shrieking about a butterfly landing on my hair/shoulders. Sure enough, the Red Admiral had come back to me. I set it on the back of our car, hoping it'd rest there and fly off when it was steadier, but when we returned two or three hours later from the boardwalk, the butterfly was still on the car, and when we got close enough, it flew over to greet us and landed on my hand again. By that point, I was smitten and wanted to take the butterfly home, but my parents just weren't having it. Very difficult to get it to fly off again, and I was upset at having to leave it. But in years since, Red Admirals have popped up for me under unusual circumstances - have come to me unafraid, have climbed onto my hand from plants after failing to flee at my approach, etc. I can't explain any of it, really, but I'm usually very moved when it happens.

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You've been a friend of mine on LJ for at least a handful of years now, so what you read might have been this, which is an old post of mine retelling the story I've just retold in this comment, in reference to what was, at the time, a fresh incident.

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