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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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Releases both new and imminent:
Dark Mountain Issue 2, containing my poem "Mantra" and a plethora of essays, fiction, and other new poetry, is now available. For those of you who acquired Dark Mountain Issue 1 and thought it was a beautifully produced volume, its follow-up, in comparison, is absolutely ethereal (that goes for the focus of the contents, too).

And, last but not least, my latest chapbook, Wanderlust, should be available from Maverick Duck Press any day now. It was slated for June release, but they fell a bit behind. Early July it is!

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I WISH I could in any way justify getting the Dark Mountain volumes, but what with the exchange rate and shipping they're utterly beyond my means.

Congratulations on the publication credit!

Those books aren't going anywhere too quickly, so I think it can wait. And if I manage to get my hands on a spare set cheaply at the festival this year, I will send them to you :)


Do let us know when Wanderlust is out. I'd love to buy it :)

It's out now, so I had better make a post about that! Finally emerged yesterday at Maverick Duck's website :)

How exciting--congrats!

The new chapbook! I'm so excited! Definitely keep us updated!

The new chapbook came out at an ungodly hour (for me) last night/this morning, so I'll make a post regarding where to get it now :)

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