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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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Recent poetry sales & other sundries:
Fire & Water
"Persephone, Trapped" will be appearing in Star*Line this winter.

I just heard this morning that the most recent poem I've written, "The Book of Drowned Things," has been accepted at Strange Horizons. My poetry output has been limited of late, as I'd been working on an extended fiction project with a deadline, so to have a new poem find a home so quickly is remarkable (and with a publication to which I've been submitting for three years now with no previous success)!

In other news, I heard from my examiners re: the PhD thesis. Pass with minor revisions due in September. Also remember to vote for Lost Books in the PBP finals by 20 July.

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Yes, Sat works. Wallace Collection?

(Deleted comment)
Wallace Collection is a separate museum unto itself, nothing to do with Museum of London - it specializes in Classical and Ancient Egyptian antiquities :) Would you rather do Wallace or MOL?

(Deleted comment)
D'oh, right, had forgot! Let's meet at the MOL at 11 AM, then, outside the front entrance.

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