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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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Wonderful Things: Releases & Reviews
Le Mont
(Well, one of each. But they're still extraordinary.)

Lost Books has received an absolutely stunning review at Waterstones.com (click on the Customer Reviews tab to read it). I have no idea who it's from, which is what makes it all the more precious to me. To the best of my knowledge, as the unknown reviewer points out, Lost Books has not received any reviews in print venues, in spite of the fact it was nominated for two major awards and is even now a finalist for this year's People's Book Prize. Review copies were sent to several of the UK's major poetry magazines, but none of them decided to act on said review copies. How does one go about securing print reviews? In any case, the review on Waterstones.com is something I'll always cherish. Thank you, whoever you are!

Edgar Allan Poe: Collected Works, to which I've written the Introduction, is available for pre-order. The cover of this edition looks stunning; Canterbury Classics has outdone itself in the design department. Its official date of release is 8 November 2011, which is my husband's twenty-ninth birthday, as it happens. Hurrah for synchronicity!

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Hooray! These are indeed both very nice things ^_^

The Poe edition does look lovely. Might have to get myself one of those, actually.

That's the best paid freelance job I've ever had, so there's a real mark of pride in seeing it come to completion :)

That is a gorgeous review. Lost Books is really, really amazing.

And ooh, the cover of the Poe edition looks amazing!

It'll look gorgeous embossed into the leather, that's for sure!

Hurrah for the review! Wasn't me, though I had a slightly weird moment when I clicked on that page, and glanced at the covers of the "Customers who bought this also bought" books. "I've got that book... and that one... hang on, this is actually 'You have also bought recently' isn't it?"

It has a decent number of reviews on Amazon, and it had none on Waterstones until this beauty turned up!

Oh, congratulations! That's wonderful, and the Poe book is really, REALLY pretty...

It will be super pretty embossed in the leather...

It's definitely going to be getting a place on my shelf. :-D

put the poe on pre-order! led to a brief moment of hysteria.

"gotta get this. I try to buy everything people I know write."

"...............you know edgar allen poe."

Edited at 2011-05-14 02:38 pm (UTC)

Ahahah! That's fantastic ;)

That's absolutely wonderful, Adrienne! Congratulations!


I hope things have quieted down for you a bit. Less stress?

Definitely less stress, thank you. Still nothing on the creative front, but I'm hopeful. I'll be apartment-hunting in Virginia soon, which is scary.

How are you feeling? Has everything mostly cleared up now?

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