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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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Watching Dylan Moran & drinking Mexican Chilli Mango Tea
(Thank you, tearelateddream, for sending the tea, and thank you, emerald_embers, for the Easter Package of Epic Randomness! I'm still trying to figure out what to do with the finger puppets, but the glow-sticks have come in handy. As have the plastic fairy lights.)

My new job in an NHS surgery is providing volumes of inspiration on the writing front, although I have yet to find the time to actually act on said inspiration. This is because I'm working out a short story with a lot of fiddly details in a genre I've never attempted before; cue panic. Anyway, I'm enjoying the work. My co-workers are wonderful, engaging individuals, and I'm rather fond of the rail commute, as brief as it is. The weather's been beautiful.

The reading at Lounge in Brixton with Leila Seigal, Courttia Newland, and Janett Plummer went very well. We shared the stage with an enjoyable lounge singer, and the crowd was very receptive to a bunch of eclectic poets and prose-writers coming on at the intermission. I have another gig coming up at Birkbeck on 26 May, details yet to be confirmed.

My publishers are keeping me busy!

On the down-side, I have a severe inner-ear infection that requires messy antibiotic ear-drops and oral antibiotics I've got to take three times a day. I have no clue how I got said ear infection, aside from spending three windy, freezing hours on Monday after the final performance of Frankenstein at the stage door meeting actors and getting autographs in my copy of the script. It was worth it. I LOVE YOU, KARL JOHNSON.

(Oh: Messrs. Miller and Cumberbatch weren't half bad, either.)

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Oh, ouch, girl! I hope you feel better soon!

Congrats on the job! I'm glad it's going well and you seem to be enjoying it so far--I hope it stays that way! (Any update on the flat search?)

Poetry readings and good theatre. I'm envious. ;)

We're holding off on the flat-search, we've decided, until we get an indication that somebody's made an offer on the place. It's only just gone on the market, so we may have some grace period yet.

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