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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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For the record:
If you post today claiming you're pregnant, I will not believe you.

(It's been the most joke-free April Fool's Day I've seen in years, though. I'm home alone, which cuts my chances of being pranked, and even my flist doesn't seem to be in the mood. A welcome change.)

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I wanted to play a prank at work. I was going to buy a new toilet brush similar to the ones we have at the toilets, and then place it in the dishwasher with the clean service for the person who opened it to empty it :)

But unfortunately I'm off work, so it will have to be next year.

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Ditto. Looks absolutely appalling, but it's essentially harmless.

Oh, wow - as pranks go, that's quality :)

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(Deleted comment)

I saw both the Guardian and BBC, yes!

Actually, a couple years ago, a friend of mine did post on April Fool's Day that he was going to be a dad, and we all thought he was joking...except he was telling the truth!

Actually, he did it on purpose. He was rather surprised and amused by the whole situation himself, and felt that announcing it on April Fools Day would be a good statement of his feeling that the universe was expressing its sense of humor :) Now, of course, he is a thrilled and wonderful father to an adorable baby, and we all feel bad for thinking that he was joking!

I got a text from someone claiming that, and such is their madcap life and me before coffee, that I spent a good twenty minutes trying to figure out all the practicalities and panicking before someone kindly pointed out the date.

Oh dear! Well, it sounds like you got it sorted pretty quickly, anyway :)

I've always wondered why pregnancy seems to be the default April Fools' joke. Seems like it should lose its charm after awhile.

But, it really has been an oddly quiet day. Maybe everyone is being lulled into a false sense of security, and all the pranks will happen in the evening when we think we're safe. ;-)

It's the oldest one in the book, as far as I'm aware!

I may not read my rss feed today to avoid the "theoretically possible & would be cool if true, but PSYCHE!" type announcements.

Canadian airline WestJet's announcement was pretty funny, though: http://westjet.com/helium

The best one I saw was one of my friends' status messages on Facebook: "Today's MLA newsletter is full of awesome job opportunities!"

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I'm so happy for you <3


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I know what you mean; I have nightmares where the scary-factor is that I'm pregnant.

Two of my friends signed their domestic partnership paperwork on April 1 -- they figured it would be an easy date to remember and they'd be able to go by after work yet still avoid lines and potentially a wasted trip. It worked! They're hitched, we're all going to remember the date, and there were absolutely no lines at City Hall...took 20 minutes, from parking to partnership to notarizing health insurance documents in another office. :D

That's rather amazing. And clever of them! :)

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