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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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Poetry Night in Covent Garden on 9 February
I'm one of the guest performers at Loose Muse on Wednesday, 9 February. The event, hosted by Agnes Meadows, begins at 8:00 PM, and admission is £5 adult/£3 concessions on the door.

The Poetry Café is located at 22 Betterton Street in Covent Garden. If anyone is interested in going, I'd be up for meeting ahead of time and heading over together so that nobody gets lost!

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Just bought tickets to something else that night, sorry! Good luck!

Meanwhile, if you're able, the first Thursday meeting is on tomorrow (Thursday) night.

Alas, I'm on the sofa sick this week, and my trips into town have got to be Saturday/Sunday. I hate having to limit my trips in to only one or two a week :(

Sorry to hear you're unwell!

Hope you feel better soon!

Get well soon... *hands you miso/chicken broth according to your preference*

I very much wish I could be there. That would be wonderful. :)

It would be wonderful to have you there *hugs*

I'd love to but I'm in rehearsal that night. I'll be cheering you on (quietly - I assume actual cheering-on is verboten during readings!)

Actually, people often applaud or cheer at the end of a poem if they feel so inclined! Not as unusual as you'd think :)

It's an ongoing depressing fact that I don't live in the London area. Sigh.


One of these days, one of us will end up in the other's country :)

I'm totally up for it! It was a shame to miss you at the sherlock meet, but I ended up out of town due to family house moving. It would be great to meet you again at this :D

Oh, excellent :) Let me know whether you'd prefer to meet slightly in advance, or just at the venue. I'm free that day, and flexible.

I'm free too. It would be nice to meet in advance - I'm pretty sure I could find it but it would be nice not to turn up alone.

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