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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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Snuff, sloe gin, and floozies!

I won this odd little hat...fascinator...thing in the raffle. The priest-dragging contest prize was a documentary about Dalí in New York. No actual priests were harmed in said dragging, as the man dressed to the purpose was not actually a priest apparently a real clergyman.

And Lucy won a bottle of homemade sloe gin, which we passed around.

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You are, without doubt, the coolest person ever. And I will never be able to repay you for telling me about Priest Dragging. *schnorffle*

It's quite a clever game. And I'm still quite astonished that I won!

I am astonished about a lot of things today <3

Priest dragging. *glee*

It involved a wheelie-chair and some rope attached.

I don't know whether to call that a hat or a garland. I'm actually tempted to call it a crown, but whatever it is, it looks smashing. :D

It's a curious little piece, whatever it is!

Wear your headpiece next Mayday!

London is the city for you.

I'll wear it to the next party, maybe ;)

And yes, I do think so.

LOVE the hat-thingie. :-D

Can you believe it cost fifty-five pounds in the shop that donated it? The mind BOGGLES.


I'm in the wrong line of work. O_o

Having made hats, it is fiddly, time-consuming work that involves a lot of finger-pricking and eye-straining and even more people looking at the finished product and going "you want how much for THAT?!" But I'm the masochistic idiot who makes them entirely from scratch by hand.

You look adorable in that hat, and the hat alone is gorgeous! Do want!

I thought you might like it, what with the cherries!

That is a very interesting headdress! But you look fetching, m'dear. ;)

Priest dragging? Sounds like quite the event!

It would have cost fifty-five pounds in the shop that donated it for the raffle. Just, what?

Thanks for letting me live vicariously through your festivities! (I'd rather be dragging priests than trying to dry the flood in my basement, hehe.)

I know a lot of people plagued with flooding thanks to burst pipes and the like right now :( I hope it gets sorted!

That hat-thing is lovely! If you don't mind my asking, how does it fasten on? *is fascinated by the fascinator*

It has a slim elastic stretchy-band attached to it. My hair does a good enough job of hiding said band, surprisingly!

He is a real Curate and unfortunately sustained minor injury whilst riccocheting off the wall. However, it was indeed a splendid evening.


Oh, dear! Well, my apologies for assuming it was just his costume, at any rate, and I'm glad the injury was nothing worse. I had a most excellent time, and shall, as you've probably heard, be back for more.

Oh I love that little hat! CHERRIES!

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