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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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My collection, Lost Books, is up for the People's Book Prize.
You can register and vote for it here.

(Only if you are so inclined, of course!)


The reading last night at L'Osteria 57 in Bloomsbury turned out to be more of a Flipped Eye holiday office party, as the weather was much too fierce for any members of the public to consider straggling in! However, there were six or seven of us (the writers) present, plus our amazing editor/founder and miscellaneous guests besides (my husband, assorted friends, etc.)

I have unexpectedly picked up a guest-slot next week at the Poetry Café! Details:

8 December @ 8 PM - Loose Muse: London's only regular event for women writers

I've become something of a repeat offender at this venue. Very pleasing!

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Yay, and yay! Went and voted, because I love it, and have taken to carrying it in my purse. So, there :).

Oh, wow - you're braver than I am, carrying a book in your purse! I'm forever afraid I'll bend the corners, etc. Then again, I'm extraordinarily fussy with my books, I'm told ;)

Bending the corners is an unfortunate side effect, yes, although I'm told I'm extraordinarily good at purse organisation :). But, seriously, I need something to read when I've got nothing else to do. Like on a work break, or something.

Ooh, congrats! I shall do that for you. :)

As always, glad the reading went well! Even if there wasn't much of a public showing, I'm sure it was fun!

It was a blast. We had dinner, talked, and read a little to each other.

i voted because you are so special and i am still inspired by your writings

I think I know who this is. I'm inspired by you, too *hugs*

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