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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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Makes you wonder what other things are just lying around in boxes.

I want a grant - a grant, do you hear me - for purposes of patiently, painstakingly sifting through the hundreds upon hundreds of such boxes that the British Library has to its name. I know for a fact they exist. And you know what I'd be looking for, too. If something like this can be found, why not that, too?

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Gosh, I love new discoveries like this! It's amazing to think of the stuff that could just be gathering dust somewhere...

However, *headdesk* is a most appropriate response. :D

Your icon is also an appropriate response <3

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This has been the most awesomely lunatic moment of the past few days!

I KNOW, WTF. That skull-sketch is entrancing!

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Oh my god...
They should really check the other boxes soon...

That reminds me, two years ago there was a 'stone' found near my university. They took it aside, let it lie around...
Last summer they realized it was the stoned head of a dinosaur-thing!!
I mean... how could they not notice it before??

And what exactly would you look for in this boxes?

...yes. Yes, they really, really should.

(I'd look for more lost works by the Gawain-Poet, of course. Or even another copy of any of the existing poems! Anything for more clues...)

That's what's so magical about the archives of British libraries, galleries and museums: the collections have been going on for so long that there is no proper catalogue and exciting finds like this can still be made. And your find of a lifetime would be...?

My find of a lifetime would be either a second copy of the poems contained in the Cotton Nero A.x., Article 3 (a.k.a. Sir Gawain and the Green Knight & co.) or more works by the same poet.

Thank you for sharing this!

See, this is why I like British history. There's actually stuff left to find! Though you think people would keep better track of this stuff...

Huh. I thought there was a fair amount of question as to whether or not the grave actually contains Richard II? Also, does Westminster have an anti-exhumation policy in place, do you know? Because the fuss seems centered around the pictures of the skull and one wonders why they don't just go to the source...

I thought there was a fair amount of question as to whether or not the grave actually contains Richard II?

Not really. Unless you believe Jean Creton, but nobody really ever did.

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(Deleted comment)
They'll never do it, though. But it would make so much sense to have a program like that!

Speaking as a professional archivist? Not at all surprising. Collecting institutions, especially major ones, often claim, purchase or receive far more donations than may ever be processed, and it's not uncommon to lose knowledge of them when older staff die or retire without passing on what they know of their collections. Depressing, but true.

(Us? We find sample packets of VN War herbicides taped in files. Leaking. Hurray.)

This is why I think some kind of program, even a voluntary one, whereby grad students with appropriate knowledge and training would be able to go in and start sorting/cataloguing this stuff would really be the way forward...

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Oh, yes. It is absolutely flail-worthy.

That is so. . . amazing. And since I'm taking an archives course this term, even relevant!

RII's death remains a point of fascinating debate, as you can see in some of the comment threads above. Hopefully this will shed a bit more light on the whole issue!

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