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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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The only photographic evidence to suggest I was in New Mexico:

I went to the Malton Literature Festival on Sunday, as one of the poems I'd entered in their competition had been shortlisted. The event was good fun, and I got to do some more reading. The weekend before, I read at West Kirby Library as part of an event called Parallel Dimensions, and tearelateddream was kind enough to go with me.

James and I have found our London flat. As of December, we'll be living in Forest Hill. Not dead central, but connected by rail to London Bridge Station.

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That pendant was made by an acquaintance of mine in Kansas. She's an amazingly talented metal-smith/jeweler.

Aww. I can see where you two are related. :)

I'm glad you had a good time at the festival!

Congrats on finding the flat! I was just wondering earlier if there was an update on that front!

If you had all five of us in one photo, you'd definitely see where we're all related, but, at the same time, we all have features that are startlingly different, almost inexplicably so.

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
Bit of a relief, really. No, actually a huge one.

am so glad you have a flat!

Kind of wanted the place in Angel, but Foxtons was representing it. Although the agent seemed normal and human and on top of things, I did too much reading online about them and had nightmares about what might happen if we took it.

Very well done on finding a flat in London!

Huzzah for finding a flat!

Yay! for the flat, and that's a lovely picture!

I hope to get pictures of the flat soon :)

Yay, congrats on the flat! <3

Thank you! You even used my favorite icon of yours <3

Housewarming par-tay!! Congrats!

If we end up having one (we usually do), you will certainly be invited :)

Lovely photo of the both of you! Congrats on finding a flat, that is wonderful news! :o)

It's not often we're in photos together, as we almost never see each other!

Congratulations on the flat <3

Thanks! I've seen photos, and I'm hoping to see it in person this weekend.

Yay for your new flat (photos?) and happy Halloween to you and James! Hope London was fun.

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