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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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Home again, home again.
Got into Manchester Airport at about 9:00 AM; reached Leeds by about 11:30 AM. Came home to an empty flat, as James moved down to London yesterday. He has a flat-viewing scheduled for Monday, something in South Kensington, which I will not mind at all if he pounces on it (and it looks as if that's what we'll have to do, because the London property market is far more competitive than either of us could have guessed; properties go so fast).

I saw Girlyman perform in Wakefield this evening, almost exactly a year after the first time I saw them live (in Boston). I got to hear Amaze Me because I requested it, which really made my night; the only other song that could've made the evening better would've been This Is Me. Oh, geez, Ty is sex on a stick. Yum.

Dad and I went to Santa Fe the day before I left. It was wonderful, so I'm going to post about that tomorrow. I'm also going to take pictures of my pottery raid, which was EPIC. I got four fragile pieces home in my carry-on without incident.

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Yay! I'm glad you're home safe and sound; I've been thinking about you on this trip. (They featured the hot air balloon show on the news and one of my dad's friends went and I said "Ooh! Adrienne's out there!")

It sounds like you had a great trip and got to spend some quality time with family, which is always good when you can't see them too often. And good luck to you and James with the flat-hunt and his new job!!

Admittedly, we didn't actually go down to the Fiesta site itself. But we did a lot of watching from a distance!

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The agent who was supposed to show him the place never showed up, so he didn't get to look at the flat. WTF. If this is representative of the experience of looking for places to live in London, though, I'm beginning to grow concerned.

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"Contracted" - do you mean letting agents, or do you mean some service that searches for things for you? See the post I just made; I'm beginning to fear we'll need a miracle.

Glad to know you had a good time and you are now home. :)

Too quiet here. I like being alone sometimes, but this feels like more than just being alone.

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