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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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First things first: James got the job at the Tower of London.
We found out yesterday. Flailed a lot. Made giddy phone-calls, etc.

*deep breath*

He has to start on 11 October.

Our current lease here in Leeds isn't up till 22 December.

This leaves us with a situation where he'll have to move down ahead of me and stay with a friend of ours: or at least he's pretty sure he'll be able to crash with a friend of ours. I'd follow in early December, along with the rest of our stuff. Now, of course I'd be going down for a couple of interim visits to help him in our search for a flat, etc., but mostly we're worried about him having a place to crash in the interim. As I said, we're pretty sure we know a friend who's willing, but we're always over-cautious and thought we'd put out feelers for potential back-up people with couches, spare rooms, etc. (HE WOULD CHIP IN FOR EXPENSES, NO QUESTION!) He only needs a place for October and November; we'd be looking to get into a flat of our own as soon as December arrives.

So, in short: looks like he has a place to stay for two months, but if that falls through, we're seeking back-ups. Or people who know of super-cheap accommodation that's available immediately (i.e. in the range of £400 or less per month) and on a short-term basis.

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Congratulations! That's great news!

I can ask around among people here in London about possibilities if you'd like.

Also, in the longer term, I can give you various contacts for SF and writing things once you arrive. Would you be looking for a writing group?

Thank you so much. It's appreciated!

And yes, I will absolutely be looking for writing groups. There are a couple here in Leeds, but I didn't really click with them.

Are you reading at West Kirby Library again on 16 October? If so, I'll see you there, sir :)

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