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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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First things first: James got the job at the Tower of London.
We found out yesterday. Flailed a lot. Made giddy phone-calls, etc.

*deep breath*

He has to start on 11 October.

Our current lease here in Leeds isn't up till 22 December.

This leaves us with a situation where he'll have to move down ahead of me and stay with a friend of ours: or at least he's pretty sure he'll be able to crash with a friend of ours. I'd follow in early December, along with the rest of our stuff. Now, of course I'd be going down for a couple of interim visits to help him in our search for a flat, etc., but mostly we're worried about him having a place to crash in the interim. As I said, we're pretty sure we know a friend who's willing, but we're always over-cautious and thought we'd put out feelers for potential back-up people with couches, spare rooms, etc. (HE WOULD CHIP IN FOR EXPENSES, NO QUESTION!) He only needs a place for October and November; we'd be looking to get into a flat of our own as soon as December arrives.

So, in short: looks like he has a place to stay for two months, but if that falls through, we're seeking back-ups. Or people who know of super-cheap accommodation that's available immediately (i.e. in the range of £400 or less per month) and on a short-term basis.

Wonderful! What an inspiring place to work! What will he be doing? I've visited the Tower's website a lot this past month, doing some research and fantasizing about a visit. I hope I get to London in the next few years.

He will be the Curator of Tower Collections. What it says on the tin.

We would love to see you!

Congrats to James! *fingers crossed* that you can work out the crash space issue.

I think we have for now :)


But eeeep, transportation/housing issues. Fingers crossed for everything to work out!

Ah! That's fantastic! Please tell him HUGE congrats from me - and I'm stoked that you're going to be more down my way. Best of luck with the moving. I shall keep my ear out, but currently, no clues on the housing front, I'm afraid :(

I'm thrilled that I'll be able to see more of you :) I'll need to start building my RL social life based on who I've known on LJ for a while now, but that won't be terribly difficult...

I've wanted to live there for quite some time.

Hey, I heard the good news! How exciting to be moving to London! Want a houseguest? ;) I'm so excited for you and James. **and think of all the awesome consignment shops you'll get to check out!** hee hee.

You know, I've never really poked into charity or consignment shops in London; I think most trips down there have always been too rushed, and they've never taken me to the right parts of town. Well, no, I've been through a few charity shops in Camden...

Of course you can come visit. ANY TIME AT ALL. You're one of the people I really lament being an ocean away; I wish I could hang out with you all the time. If we ever ended up in the Chicago area, I don't doubt that would happen ;)