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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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First things first: James got the job at the Tower of London.
We found out yesterday. Flailed a lot. Made giddy phone-calls, etc.

*deep breath*

He has to start on 11 October.

Our current lease here in Leeds isn't up till 22 December.

This leaves us with a situation where he'll have to move down ahead of me and stay with a friend of ours: or at least he's pretty sure he'll be able to crash with a friend of ours. I'd follow in early December, along with the rest of our stuff. Now, of course I'd be going down for a couple of interim visits to help him in our search for a flat, etc., but mostly we're worried about him having a place to crash in the interim. As I said, we're pretty sure we know a friend who's willing, but we're always over-cautious and thought we'd put out feelers for potential back-up people with couches, spare rooms, etc. (HE WOULD CHIP IN FOR EXPENSES, NO QUESTION!) He only needs a place for October and November; we'd be looking to get into a flat of our own as soon as December arrives.

So, in short: looks like he has a place to stay for two months, but if that falls through, we're seeking back-ups. Or people who know of super-cheap accommodation that's available immediately (i.e. in the range of £400 or less per month) and on a short-term basis.

Congratulations! That's great news!

I can ask around among people here in London about possibilities if you'd like.

Also, in the longer term, I can give you various contacts for SF and writing things once you arrive. Would you be looking for a writing group?

Thank you so much. It's appreciated!

And yes, I will absolutely be looking for writing groups. There are a couple here in Leeds, but I didn't really click with them.

Are you reading at West Kirby Library again on 16 October? If so, I'll see you there, sir :)

If he's ok with decorating going on around him, I could use a two or three month tenant from mid October. Say £100 a month towards bills?

Contact me off lj. I may not answer tip tonight tho as I'll be in the British library from 11am

Congratulations, that's wonderful! :D

And best of luck finding a good place to live come December :)

It's...kind of daunting, but my excitement about being able to finally relocate to London about blows my being upset about anything else out of the water. Housing will be interesting. I want a flat in Baker Street, isn't that lame of me? /fangirl

Sounds like you're both getting yourselves organised and ready for the big move. Congratulations!

Well, James is getting organized to move down first - on the 9th of October. Me, I've got to hang around up here till the 26th of November. Boooo.

HOOOORAY!! Congratulations to James! I'm so glad! Also, how awesome to get to visit the Tower of London and know someone there! *grins*

When visiting, it may be difficult to locate him, because who knows what kind of tasks he'll be up to day-by-day. Definitely not out and about on the grounds like the tour guides are, not usually, anyway!

The Tower of London? How cool is that?

It may be the ultimate in cool. Congratulations!

Fairly, yes. Now tell the Armouries to decide to sponsor him for a work visa, finally (but they still won't, as long as they know I likely have three years in extensions left). To have such a great job, but that lack of certainty about sponsorship in the long run, is rather scary.


From the comments above, it looks like you're pretty well sorted but Reading's only about half an hour from Paddington by train and I do have a spare bed (it's a single that can pull out into a double). I haven't got round yet to getting a blind in the spare bedroom though.

I think we're sorted. He'll crash with somebody we know in Sydenham, I think, but if something falls through there, I'll definitely let you know!

Congraultations on him getting the job!

I'll pass along the congrats :)

Congratulations!! What brilliant news!

Unfortunately, I can't think of any potential subletters offhand, but if I do, I'll let you know.

Many thanks! He has a place to stay in the interim, but he'll start hunting for a flat of our own as soon as he gets there.

I am SO HAPPY to hear this!!!!!

That is so awesome!

Wish I could help with accommodations but being across the pond, y'know :( I hope he finds a place to stay soon, it's awful being up in the air like that.

He has a place to stay for now, but he'll need to start searching for a flat for us as soon as he gets there.

Again, congrats! And best of luck with all this planning! I'd help if I could. :)

Congrats! What an awesome thing. :D

When you're in London, give a shout :)

Congratulations! AWESOME! YEAH! :)

Congrats again <3 That is such fabulous news. And I hope the flat is good!

As for cheap-back up, ask in hostels?

Even the ones I used to count on as being cheap have hiked their rates recently :-P