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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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I continue to wait on the results of James's London interview...
Glad to see you
...and, in the meantime, do a load of random nonsense.

In the past week, I have:

seen Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, written thousands of words of unsellable fiction, made myself miss places to which I can't return immediately, cried, seen my GP over the migraine issue, cried some more, suffered inexplicable fatigue that's actually not so inexplicable if you take into account I spent about four nights straight writing said fiction, started watching Heroes: Season Three oh God what's happened to it kill me now, re-watched all three episodes of Sherlock, stumbled across Pulp Fiction, and so forth.

So, how's your week been?

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I hope y'all hear something soon and the migraine issue (at least, out of all these) is resolved!

How was Pulp Fiction, by the way? I've been meaning to watch that, but there's Uma Thurman...

Uma Thurman is a bad thing?

Wellll...I've only seen her in a few things and I wasn't thrilled with any of them (Tape, that Cats & Dogs movie, and The Producers).
I haven't seen the supposed-epicness of Kill Bill, though. Does that make a difference?

I haven't seen it either - at least not in more than twenty-minute chunks - but then I liked The Producers :P /has no taste

I'm forever a Gene Wilder girl, even though it wasn't a musical, so there was no contest. ;)
Pfft. I'm far from the one to judge. I like all kinds of strange things; I'm just always curious about others.

Ahh, see I saw that one second and so it's inherently strange to me. Plus I'm one of those people who saw the original Willy Wonka and left vaguely traumatized, as happens haha. So Matthew Broderick = less inner child shrieking.

Isn't that always how it goes with more than one version of anything? And I'm the exact opposite with the Wonka movies!
But Wilder's work with Richard Pryor is pretty entertaining; Silver Streak is definitely a favorite!

Oh, Matthew Broderick. He's amazing. <3 I'm happy to see him returning to some things recently!

Pulp Fiction was awesome, actually! I loved the dialogue in particular.

I didn't even make it through season two of Heroes. Oh yes, the first season was the only good selling point of the show.

And Pulp Fiction, pretty darn good in my opinion, though my opinion doesn't sell for much.

I really liked Pulp Fiction. It's the second Tarantino film I've ever seen, the first being Inglourious Basterds.

I've seen Inglorius Basterds, though I should watch it again, because I didn't give the movie my full attention at the time. *Sheepish*

What did you think of Scott Pilgrim? I'm fairly in love with it. I am actually listening to the soundtrack right now. (I go to school right around the corner fron the crazy Casa Loma stairs.)

Scott Pilgrim was adorable, but I'm not raving about it like most people are. The '80s video-game nerd in me just died of squee, but it was more over the effects than over the characters.

Scott's roommate just rules.

Aw! Pulp Fiction, yes I remember it well. Good film, if a little gory.

I only watched season one of Heroes. I pretty much felt after the first season that it had gone as far as I wanted it to go, and didn't fancy the trailers for the second season.

I liked the dialogue. It was funny as hell.

S1 was great. I wish it could've stayed that way!

Yep, stalking you :). Kidding!

You get anything useful from that Sherlock rewatch, btw? Any insights I should know about? ;)

Also, I recommend a good night's sleep. Now if I could take my own advice, life would be better...

I've gotten a few good nights' sleep by now, but it doesn't seem to be helping. I've drained myself well and good this time!

As for the re-watch, I've determined that Episode 2 wasn't as out-of-line from the others as I'd initially thought, although it's still the weakest one and rather fail!tastic in a handful of major ways.

The final scene of Episode 3 is everything I love about these characters condensed into a nutshell.

Recharge needed, then? A few quiet days off or something?

Now I'm going to have to rewatch them in order as well. Drat. This will be such hardship :P.

Was that your first time watching Pulp Fiction then? I am very fond of it, but then I love most Tarantino movies (although I haven't seen the most recent two.)

I would advise you to step away from the Heroes but then, I can't really lecture anyone on that subject...

Yep, it was my first viewing.

Heroes is...passing the time, I guess *sigh*

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