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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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Poetry, honey!
So, this happened on Wednesday evening.

And it was completely awesome.

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Very Nice!

It was a great evening.

It was a wonderful night; we hadn't had so many people in attendance in quite a while!

It's really amazing (and I'm positive I've marveled at this before) that the creative communities are so active over there. Or it seems so, anyway. That's wonderful praise, though, and well-deserved!

I'm going to have to check with the gals and see if there are still copies available! :)

Poetry is very appreciated here, yes - I'm tempted to say even more so than at home. I sometimes think I wouldn't have gotten my start as quickly if I hadn't ended up in the UK!

How fortuitous, then! :D

I think, here, it's a regional thing as well. It's not entirely stereotypical to categorize the South as "uncultured."

Ironically, here in the UK it's the North that's categorized as uncultured.

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