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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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Bermuda Photos:

The following photographs are just a small sampling of what I saw on my trip. They were taken by my mother. My camera is currently in a snit and will not let me upload my own photos; fear not, I'll win it over.

Our ship, the MS Veendam.

Horseshoe Bay. We had to rush out of the water due to a barracuda sighting.

Grotto Bay. That's me in the variegated tank-top, with the canvas bag.

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Bermuda looks beautiful!

It's otherworldly, really. I'd like to spend more time there in the future.

I took a cruise on the Veendam a few years ago! Loved the piano bar and the dolphin bar and the atrium and the pools and the crow's nest bar and the ...

sigh, I loved the whole ship

Yeah, the bars on this ship are particularly classy!

(Deleted comment)
No, alas, we didn't! I kind of wish I had, though.

It looks lovely and so green!

I'm now imagining you sweet-talking your camera. ;)

Mostly I swear at it and thwack it. Nothing so graceful as you're imagining ;)

Oh, how lovely! You make me want to go back to Bermuda with those photos -- we were there over Christmas in 2006 and absolutely loved it. The weather was extremely pleasant even if the water was too cold for swimming, and it was just the thing we needed.

I'd like to go in winter to see if the weather's a bit more manageable! I absolutely wither in hot climates. I'm such a northerner, whether it's way back the bloodline or where I grew up or where I live now. I just can't cope with extreme heat.

Well, we've also been having absolute record heatwaves here, so you probably ended up with a lot of that as well. When we were there, the temperature was absolutely perfect and we even managed one or two glorious, sunny days.

And I too hate hot weather. It just saps all my energy.

Oh, that looks *lovely*. Look at all that blue water...

It was so clear. We snorkeled a bit and watched all kinds of tropical fish swim around. It was amazing.

Lovely pictures. Blue sky and sea, just right for enjoying your trip.

Over to friend you as well, only fair I read your posts if you are subjected to mine.

The weather was so humid. And beyond hot; I think they said it was around 100 degrees the whole time we were there!

Welcome! This journal has been a little quieter than some of my other networking accounts of late, granted ;)

Looks like you were in Paradise, Adrienne!

It was absolutely beautiful, yes. If it had been a bit less humid, I might have coped a bit better. The beach day wasn't so bad, of course, because I could go in the water and cool off!

Ha. I'm a nit-wit. When you said "rush out because of barracuda sighting" I mis-read it as you all rushed there because you wanted to *see* the barracuda, not get out of the way.

It was definitely to get out of the way! They give nasty bites.

It looks beautiful! Thank you for sharing the pictures. I hope you had a good time. :)

I did. I just wish we'd had more time in port!

i love the photos and known you at last!!!

Welcome :) Not the best shots of me above, I suppose, but Bermuda always looks beautiful, no matter what.

(Deleted comment)
James's parents went there on their honeymoon. And yes, it's astonishingly beautiful!

I'm guessing your vacation was a success! Would you recommend Bermuda to others?

I would, indeed, recommend it. It's stunningly beautiful! Very humid, though. I thought I wasn't going to be able to breathe properly, but then I adjusted.

Maybe I'll take the Snowbird route, and go down during the winter. Or maybe the spring.

Nice photos. Sounds like you had a good time, though I bet it's hard to have a bad time in Bermuda. ;)

The humidity actually makes it remarkably difficult after a few hours, unless you stay in the water all day!

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