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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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Question time!
Have any of you been to Bermuda?

If so, what's absolutely not to be missed?

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Crap -- I came here to tell you about when I was there, and then I remembered...I wasn't in Bermuda, I was in the Bahamas. Sorry, brain fart. I can give you a really good pointer or two for the Bahamas if you ever go there, though!

If I'm ever Bahamas-bound, I'll let you know!

Look down. Between here and Facebook, you're one of about six people to come back with that response.

You're not alone in your rimshot. Look up. And on Facebook, three or four other people came back with that, too.

I only wish I were. I need to invest in a PASIV device

It's so rare I can remember dreams that clearly these days, but up through my mid to late teens, I could.

ohnoze!! wish i'd seen this before you left... i was in bermuda in april and had a blast. hope your trip was excellent, too!

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