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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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*gingerly brushes the dust off this account*
I've been AWOL due to the following set of circumstances:

* I'm obsessed with BBC's Sherlock and have been re-watching the first and third episodes like mad. As for the second episode, most of it can kind of go hang, but that's okay. I'm hooked.

* My office job exhausts me. I like it, but it's tiring. Enough said.

* I'm busy packing for the Bermuda cruise my in-laws are taking us on from 22-30 August.

I've also been pretty remiss in writing-related updates, so I bring you this: I now have a proper profile on my publisher's website. It's nice to see the site back up after this summer's renovations. Also, Lost Books is currently available for sale from more retailers than ever. This pleases me greatly. I'll be doing a couple more readings in London this autumn/winter. As soon as I know details, I'll post them.

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Oh, there you are!

As general television, I was totally blown away by Sherlock. If I can stay awake, I'm probably going to see if I can convince my mother it's worth watching.

It's still going well, though, yeah? At least you like it, even if it is tiring.

Ooh, a cruise! That sounds pretty fabulous and I hope you have a great time! (Don't drink the water.)

And your profile looks great! It's a nice addition to your portfolio/resume. Any updates on your thesis/project/massive paper?

I know there's been talk of people pre-ordering the DVD already. I haven't bothered to chase up this information. Do you know anything about it?

YOU (lucky UK-people) can pre-order it, and it will be released on August 30th, here. (Or, I'm sure, through any of your other media needs.)

As for the US, it won't even start airing until sometime in October, so I'm hoping they'll get together our release just as quickly. *fingers crossed*

Hello! I've been wondering what had caused your absence, so good to hear from you. I do hope you get a proper rest from your job while on vacation. :)

I'm not accustomed to not updating here as frequently. I sometimes forget about it altogether. That's kind of worrying.

My last update to my journal was July 24. I've been more current in my friends' journals!

Sherlock. Where can I find it online? I am in America, so I can't use the BBC's video thing on their site.

Sorry for stepping on ajodasso's toes but you can find all the episodes on youtube here:


Very good quality too. Sorry but there's no closed captioning if you require them. :)

That'll be good to know for when BBC iPlayer finally expires.

Hmm. They seem to have been taken down. Any other ideas?

Haha, I feel absolutely the same about the 2nd episode. It was shoddy. I told my family just to watch the 1st and 3rd and I could fill them in on anything they need to know like who Sarah is.

It doesn't even have the same tone as the first and third eps...and Lestrade & Co. aren't in it, which sucks, and the race!fail is quite obvious. Also, it's where the relative pointlessness that is Sarah gets introduced, even though I do think she has potential to become a good character as long as they don't persist in having her there just to be the Obligatory Potential Love-Interest.

Hope you have a great time in your holiday! :)

Thank you :) As per usual, I will do my best to post photos as we go along.

A cruise sounds marvellous!

Until I married James back in 2006, cruises were something that only happened to other people. Since then, however, I've been on two cruises with him and his parents, because they do it every other year as a family. This will be my third cruise. The first two were 1) around the Baltic, so most of Scandinavia, and 2) the Mediterranean. This time, for Bermuda, James's aunt and my mom are also coming along.

I really would like to go on a cruise. I've done the yacht sailing thing with my parents a few years ago in the Virgin Islands, but it's not quite the same. I was hoping to do one of the winter ones in the Med this January, as I am already flying to that side of the world for a research tour of Turkey, but apparently being under 21, I am not allowed on a cruise unaccompanied, as all the companies are American-based and follow 21 as the age of majority. Oh well, another time, when I've finished my thesis.

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