A.J. Odasso (ajodasso) wrote,
A.J. Odasso

Fish & Family

Item: I haven't done this in a while, but I decided to purchase a betta from a breeder in Thailand via Aquabid. It sounds scary, but given my past experiences, it tends to work out very well—meaning the fish arrive alive and healthy in spite of having been sent overnight through the post. At this point, our tank has got five kuhli loaches (Avanyu, Scylla, Eris, Hapi, and Ziggurat [Ziggy]) and one Chinese hillstream loach (Abe—yes, named after Abe Sapien; look, we're geeks).

Item: My uncle, his girlfriend, and my grandmother arrive tomorrow. My dad and his wife arrive on Tuesday. I haven't had visitors from Stateside for a while—well, not since my youngest sister visited in March, anyway.
Tags: family omg, life with fish
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