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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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Living Things
Glad to see you
Good news re: my dad—it looks as if they got all of the cancerous bits out in the initial surgery last week, and won't need to do anything further at present, as the tissue at the margins was cancer-free. Thank goodness it hadn't spread! I hope this will be a lesson to particular people in my family who for some unknown reason love to frequent tanning beds and lie out in the sun every chance they get, though.

Re: Uncivilization in Llangollen, Wales—my poetry reading was Saturday morning on the program, and the panel discussion I was part of on the main stage was Sunday afternoon. I had maybe twelve people at the reading, which made for an intimate setting, and, although fiercely attentive, they were one of those quiet, tricky-to-read audiences. All the copies of my collection that they had in the festival bookshop sold out, though, which tickles me pink. On the panel discussion with me were Paul Kingsnorth and Gregory Norminton. We were primarily answering questions about the role of writers in a rapidly changing world, and how this affects (or doesn't affect) our work. When the issue of "So, when things start going to hell in a hand-basket, you're going to sit down and write a poem?" came up (not in a hostile context, by the way), my answer was, verbatim, "Of course I am." We have poetry and prose surviving from the aftermath of some of the world's direst events. It's how we cope. It's how we make sense of where we are. It's how we narrate our way through the aftermath.

Re: my flat turning into a jungle—we now have a hydra-like cactus, a small golden orchid, and a tank full of six kuhli loaches, a syno catfish, and a skittish pleco. The kuhli loaches are so cute, seriously. I could die happy watching them, I think.

Re: my Ph.D. viva (defense) on 14 June—I'm not thinking about it overmuch till a few days before. Period. Past attempts at extended preparation have gone badly for me, so.

Very very glad to hear about your dad. I know it must feel unspeakably good to have heard that news. xxx

I'll at least be able to stop devoting energy to worrying about it.

I'm happy to hear that your father is doing better! :) *hugs*

Ah, I'm glad to hear about your father. And the reading! And the jungle!

Basically, things are going well for you, and I am glad.

They're not going badly, no. I'll count them as going well when I have an easy viva and I start actually getting interviews from all the goddamned university post applications I've been putting out...

So glad to hear this! *hugs*

Great that your dad is better!
And all the other stuff sounds good, too.
And I have to agree to the fact that Poem and Prose survive anything ^^

Art has a way of surviving, no matter what the medium.

Glad to hear about your Dad, and best wishes to him for a rapid recovery from the surgery.

If the rest of your family are as fair skinned as you, then sun bathing etc. is a very bad idea :-(

My dad isn't terribly fair-skinned (he's slightly olive-toned, like my grandfather), but my mother, brother, and youngest sister are as fair as I am. My other two sisters are somewhere in between...fair, but darkened considerably by my dad's genes.

I'm very glad to hear your dad should be ok. You must be relieved.

Also, good luck for your viva ! Even if you try to have no expectation we can still wish you the best ! :)

Yeah, no expectation is what I'm aiming for. I think it'll be better that way. Good thing I got so tired of it in the end. It takes away a lot of the will to get worried, you know?

Wonderful news about your dad, what a relief it must be!

(Deleted comment)
HOORAY! I'm so glad that the marginal tissue is cancer-free - that's a really, really good sign for his prognosis. *hugs* to you all.

And eee, your jungle-house sounds great.

I suppose the cactus is the only element that doesn't really fit. All the fish and the orchid are tropical, but...yeah. Desert.

Oh that is so good to hear! I'm glad you dad did well in surgery! BTW I love fishies too AND I have a very pretty pink and magenta orchid that blooms 6 or more flowers 2 times a year :D

I hope our orchid blooms again later this year. It's down to one blossom at the moment, and I don't think it's going to last much longer...

(Deleted comment)
Oh, yes - that, too! :)

Really glad to hear the news about your dad!

I'm so, so glad to hear about your dad. That's wonderful.

I am so glad about your father. Hooray!

And I shall very carefully wait until a few days beforehand to begin furiously well-wishing your viva, to get into the spirit of the thing.