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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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Pics of my niece, Isabelle, with her new favorite item to carry around:

As you can see, she even takes it to bed! Thanks to my sister, Jenna, for these shots.

Awww, your niece is beautiful!! :)

Yeah, she's amazingly cute. And smart.

Kind of amusing, too - she's in a pile of pink blankets and fluffy things, and then suddenly, there's a book.

OMG, how adorable! (And how big she's gotten since the last time I saw a photo of her!) She has good taste in literature. *g* (I did buy your book, btw!)

If you click on the link that is Jenna's name, you'll be able to see updated pics of her older sister, Riley, too :)

Re: buying Lost Books - aw, thank you <3 Read it in good health!

Aww, that is absolutely adorable!
Is she reading yet?

She knows the alphabet, as far as I'm aware.

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She is very adorable, and the family resemblance between the two of you is uncanny :)

It's especially in the eyes, isn't it?

Aw, what a cute niece and what a clever girl taking her book to bed!

The book's starting to show signs of wear at the corners, so clearly it's being loved.

(Deleted comment)
She is adorable! And appreciating poetry books at so tender an age? Excellent!

Oh, my God, so cute *_____*

(That reminds me: Meg and I need to order your book when we come into some monies :DDD)

I'm quite ashamed that I have no spares left at the moment. I should have sent you one!

lintwhite Expand
How cute! My, hasn't she grown.

Clearly she has impeccable taste.

Or she just likes the cover image.

(Deleted comment)
Awwwww! She is absolutely adorable. And the book looks darn good, too :-)

It's very photogenic. As is the kid ;)