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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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Slow season for responses in academia and elsewhere...
I have applications for three lectureships hanging fire, and, thanks to the fact that all of them were due right at the start of Easter break, it would seem that the holiday has slowed the shortlisting process. I'm confident that none of the institutions are the sort to just not tell you if you don't make the first cut. The waiting is pretty intolerable, especially since I have very real ambitions tied to at least two of the three. It's not often you can say you wouldn't mind getting more than one in a batch you have out. There are always a few that you toss in, well, just because they're there. That's not the case this time around.

In poetry news, "Bloom" and "The Dishonesty of Dreams" will be appearing in the September/October issue of Glasgow Review. I've also got some writing competition entries swimming around out there, mostly Stateside. C'mon, miracle.

Kalamazoo ICMS is next week. The Pseudo Soc paper is ready to roll.

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I don't want to be discouraging, but when I was applying for postdocs there were some major institutions who didn't tell me my application wasn't being considered. And the ones that did keep me in touch were noticeably fluid about their 'deadlines' and 'formal procedures'. Oh, I <3 academia.

Agreed - a lot of places just don't bother full stop! Though I have had some quite gracious rejections too. The status of the institution hasn't seemed to play into it (though Oxford and Cambridge *do* always seem to bother writing).

Yeah, in my experience, Cambridge and Oxford are pretty polite that way. I appreciate it!

Don't worry; I know that's typical, especially in cases where the institution gives you no idea in the listing by what date you should hear something, etc. However, two of the three in this case did reassure applicants they'd hear one way or another, hence why I make the comment I do in the entry :)

I have all appendages - and my eyes! - crossed for you on this. The waiting is definitely the worst part, and there's really nothing for it but just to sit and twiddle your thumbs, which I know is maddening. Hopefully Easter won't have set them back too much and they respond as quickly as possible, and I VERY much hope at least one of the ones you really want returns a positive response! :)

One of the jobs is in York, although not at U. of York - it's at York St. John instead. I'm really hoping for an interview on that one. Really hoping.

Waiting is the worst. I've never been very good at it.

*hugs you tight*

But Pseudo Soc! Oh, that's great. :-D

I was wondering when you were coming Stateside for that. :)

Best of luck with the applications and congrats on the poetry news!!

Yep, we'll be in K'zoo from 12-17 May, although we arrive home early morning on the 18th UK time. It's a hectic conference, but it's what passes for a holiday this time of year in my world!

Yikes, that is crazy! I'm sure it'll be great, though, and you'll enjoy it!

Also, did the package arrive safely yet? :)

I don't know how the procedure works with approving applications, but I wish you all the best!

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