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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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Let's try this again.
My last attempt at keeping a fish here in the UK didn't go so well. About two years ago, I bought a weather loach, named him Alcuin, and set him up with a one-gallon tank in our Nicholas Gardens flat. Alas, he mustn't have been in top form, because he lasted only a couple of weeks. Not long after, the pet shop in question went out of business, so it was no more fish for me. At least not in York, where pet shops (aside from the one that closed down) didn't seem to exist.

On our way home from grocery shopping today, James and I ran across a small pet shop. I'm immediately critical of fish sections if I see lots of algae growth, dead fish in the tanks, overcrowding, etc., but the tanks were very clean, and only a few had too many occupants. They had three or four male bettas in stock, and, as some of you may recall, I used to keep bettas all the time when I lived Stateside. Anyway, the blue delta looked like the healthiest of the lot, but he was self-obsessed and not too bright (i.e. couldn't seem to see anything except his own reflection in the back wall of the tank and spent all his time chasing himself back and forth, back and...yeah). There were a couple pale pinkish ones with burgundy fins, but they were dull-eyed and listless. That left the attentive-looking one who was busy hiding in an eye-level cave, but nonetheless peering out with interest, because he'd clearly been bullied a bit by the swarm of sword-tails with whom he was stuck sharing a flat.

Orpheus came home with me. I'll get a picture of him later when our camera is working.

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I've been wanting to keep fish for a few years now, I've been considering bettas, too. I think when I move out, I might finally get one. I could get one now, but I don't really have a place in my room which doesn't get scorched by sunlight during the Summertime...

Yeah, direct sunlight on a bowl/tank is bad, because it can encourage algae growth :-P I hope you find a place that's conducive to fish!

No pet shops? How sad!

But enjoy Orpheus and the life aquatic! :)

We just came home from seeing Kick Ass, and he's doing all right (no signs of shock due to the environment change, etc.)

I LOVE Siamese fighting fish (I hadn't heard the name betta until now). I'm trying to persuade my friend Ash to get one so I can go and stare at it every so often. Now I might just have to sit and stare at Orpheus ^_^

Betta is the most widely used term for them in North America (derived from the fact that the scientific name is Betta splendens). Please do come and stare at him. He loves to stare back!

I've had so many of them over the years. In fact, it's bizarre that I went about 4 years between my last one (Nefer, rest his soul) and Orpheus. The house doesn't feel balanced without fish...

oh, I remember when you got alcuin! poor little fish.

Yeah. I suspect he had trouble acclimating to the water change :( Loaches are more likely to be fragile that way than bettas are.

Nice fish. It's funny to think that it's hard to get bettas in the UK, as they're so common here. Yeah, those Halloween pebbles need to go! :) I think the spirit house is lovely. You said you had a link? I ought to get one for my Quan Yin statuette.

The spirit-house artist has an Etsy page here :)

Oh my, that weather loach is big! I had a copule of betta a few years ago, and they lived a fairly long and prosperous life (or so I suppose). I would love to get a another fish (or two or three), but I don't really have much space at the moment. I hope Orpheus is enjoying his new place

Alcuin was fairly small as weather loaches go; he was only about three inches long, and not terribly fat. Orpheus seems proud of his new house. He's been hovering in the doorway a lot :)

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