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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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My viva (defense) date has been set:
14 June 2010 @ 2:00 PM

(This doesn't feel real, you guys.)

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Try to get some sleep the night before, haha

Oh, my, good luck!! Mine wasn't nearly as bad as I'd anticipated, for what it's worth. Though it really helped that both of my examiners took pity on me and told me as soon as we sat down that they were planning to pass me and just wanted to ask me an hour and a half's worth of questions. ;)

(On an unrelated note, will you be in Kalamazoo next month? I'm trying to find people to hang out with!)

I'll be there, yes, assuming the skies are clear by 12 May...

I hope so! I'm supposed to be in Oxford on 8 May and back in time to leave for Kzoo!

Eeee! I will be rooting for you from Canada!!

It IS written "viva," then. I kept wondering if it was "Viver" and I wasn't hearing the Brit pronunciation of the "er."

Yep! It's short for viva voce, meaning "by live voice" - in other words, and oral exam :)

Right! I was confused because it's pronounced "vye-va," not "vee-va," as I'm used to hearing. Me and my French. :p

If I had seen it on paper before I'd heard it spoken, I would have assumed "vee-va," too (French & Latin training). You've probably noticed by now that there are a lot of things Brits don't know how to pronounce properly ;)

Ooh, fantastic! And also, no doubt, immensely nerve-racking. ♥

WOOO! So close you can taste it!

...yeah. It makes me feel kind of sick.

Hm. Note to self: thesis defence does not, in fact, taste like lollipops.


Best of luck! You're so close to the end...but yes, probably won't feel real until 14:00 itself :D

*flails for you* I have to say it's pretty surreal, the idea of your "shapeshifting PhD" tag seeing a closing chapter! SO MANY congratulations!!

It actually stopped shifting at about the two-year point, but it seemed right to keep calling it that...

Good luck! I'll be thinking of you!

May I, once again, say, Christ but time flies! Good luck!

It also drags, though. This has felt like forever.

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