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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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Review me, because I refuse to review myself:
Lost Books on Amazon.com

For those of you who have read the book and also have Amazon accounts, I'd appreciate it if you took a few moments to write a review. I don't care if it's glowing or critical; I'd just like to know what you think. I'd also like others who randomly stumble across it have a selection of opinions to go on. As far as I've heard, it's selling well.

In other news, Amazon.co.uk is now shipping copies in good time, as is Waterstones. Flipped Eye's bookshop remains down for renovations.

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I've finally bought it and will be pimping it tomorrow, when my brain can cope with HTML :P

Best of luck for sales! As soon as I've got and read my copy, I'll post a review on Amazon.

Cheers! Hope you enjoy it :)

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I'm still reading it (I go through poetry slowly). When I do, I shall review it on For I Have Tasted the Fruit and send you a link; I don't have an Amazon account.

I'll review it on some of the other booksites of which I am a member, though.

Oh, no - I hadn't heard about that! Thanks for bringing that to my attention :) I also found an Estonian bookseller's website that has it in stock...

Mine arrived this morning, and I've just been perusing it over a cup of tea. Not finished yet, but appreciating so far.

And, uh, that was me, by the way. Could've sworn I was logged in already. *pokes firefox*

That's okay! I hope you enjoy it. And on the off-chance you don't, feel free to tell me why ;) I'm always looking for improvement.

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