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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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I can't remember what my own bed feels like.
Translation: I've been living out of a backpack in York (again) since Thursday, and I'll be here till Tuesday morning, which is when I have my final Ph.D. supervision, after which I'm marching out of there, printing off the 1/4-in-duplicate that I haven't yet printed (3/4 of my thesis in duplicate is currently sitting in a box next to my backpack), and submitting. You have no idea how over this I am.

For anyone who ordered Lost Books off Amazon.com, please do leave a review when you've finished reading it! I refuse to review myself ;)

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Well, I can - but it's the difference between paying ten pounds every time I want a round trip ticket for a single day and TWELVE pounds for an open return ticket that's good for a month...

You see why I stay here if I have lots of things on days in succession.


That sounds alarming, but I just ran a conversion and an adult return Sydney-Newcastle is currently eleven pounds. I pay half of that, being a student, though.

Guess I'd better budget for "alarming rail prices" in any going-to-study-in-england plans...

Yeah, that's wise. York is alarming from anywhere on account of its being the most popular tourist town in the north of England, sadly...

If you do come here, we are totally going to hand out!

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