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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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Lost Books Update: Amazon.com (US) has it in stock early!
It's going for $10. I'm especially pleased with the blurb, which they've pulled directly from the back of the book:

Forbidden berries from land littered with burial grounds, a spine tilling the dirt, a fragile horizon shattered into a thousand missing pieces; Adrienne J. Odasso's début explores the consequences of roads taken and paths sidestepped. Brimming with ethereal imagery and suffused with the complications of memory, Lost Books is the poetry of open spaces and eyes closed tight, the poet's American heritage underpinned by her European experience.

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I just ordered it. They said that I should receive it 3/29/10 using two day delivery. Apparently they don't quite have it ready to go out. Can't wait!

Oh, that's excellent! Let me know when it arrives so I can reassure others that Amazon is, in fact, delivering :)

Amazon just now notified me that the book has been shipped by UPS today.

WOW! That description is gorgeous! I can't wait to read it!

And maybe Amazon getting them early makes up a wee bit for them being late...

It may, just a little. I sent out your copy today <3

Your book has been published! That's just so exciting. Is still kind of surreal?

And thank you! I'll keep an eye out for it and am looking forward to leisurely enjoying it while on spring break!

You know, it didn't feel surreal till about five minutes ago when, on Facebook, I saw someone I haven't seen since high school post the link to her sister's wall - Hey, look, Adrienne's first book of poetry's been published. Surreal to think people I haven't seen in years and years are probably poking into this with very great curiosity, and that they may learn something of my life between then and now through reading my verse. It's an odd feeling!

Having only known you since you've been in England, I can imagine it's a big change! But it's a great opportunity for people to catch up with you like that and see all those experiences how you do and in your poetic voice. :)

Good luck with the rest of your launch events over there!

Oooh, that sounds fascinating! Now I'm tempted to look at the prices that you posted.

10 GBP is roughly 15 dollars, so, depending on what Amazon charges for shipping to where you are, it may actually be slightly cheaper for you to get it from Amazon. It won't be signed, though *wry grin*

I thought there were prices from Amazon. Awww, no signature? ;)

Sorry to confuse you! The price/link to Amazon is above; they're asking $10, I don't know what shipping will add to that, and it will be unsigned coming from them. I'm asking 10 pounds for the book plus shipping to the U.S., and if you buy it from me, it will be signed. Does that clarify? :)

It sounds gorgeous, which is no surprise. =)

I'm unfortunately short of funds until my next paycheck, but I hope to pick up a copy then.

That is a GORGEOUS blurb.

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