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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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I feel like I haven't truly updated in a while.
Life has been, to say the least, chaotic. The only thing standing between me and submitting my Ph.D. on 30 March is one last appointment at the Borthwick. After Thursday, I'll have fully re-checked my transcription of the manuscript, and pending any last comments on Chapters 2 and 3 from my supervisors, we're good to go.

My youngest sister, Alyce, came to visit from 7-12 March. We spent a good amount of that time (three days) in London, during which stay we discovered the joys of Camden Market for the first time. Now, I've been traveling to London regularly for five years now, and how I ever failed to spend any real amount in Camden prior to now, I have no clue. Suffice it to say that I think Yumchaa is a little slice of paradise in an even bigger slice of paradise. THEY SELL A BLACK TEA CALLED SOHO SPICE. WHAT'S NOT TO LOVE, PEOPLE? ORANGE PEEL AND FLORALS!

Anyway, I'm back to my kick-about, bohemian unemployed ways, although I had an interview for a maternity cover post at the Royal Armouries (yes, right next door, where my husband works) a little over a week ago and am waiting to hear back from them.

Also: Healthcare Reform! It's what's for breakfast. TASTES SO GOOD WITH TEA.

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Well, there's no reason they'd cancel my appointment unless...I don't know, the archives burned down, in which case there would be no manuscript left and my external examiner would just have to take my word for it (muahahaha).

You know, I still owe you a postcard or a letter, don't I? FAIL. I can send you a sample of the tea, if you like. You'll have to re-send me your address, though, as I'm pretty sure I've lost track of the message somewhere in the chaos of the past couple months. My apologies for that...

I would be shocked and appalled if something like that happened!

Well, I owe people Christmas cards, and sending them out at the end of March would be a good indicator of how much I failed at that task. LOL So I owe you an apology too - and a card, but it won't be based on any holiday, to avoid additional embarrassing situations.

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