A.J. Odasso (ajodasso) wrote,
A.J. Odasso

This again?

Snow. Lots of it. That explains yesterday's temperature drop, I guess.

I'm stuck in limbo again, waiting. Waiting on the 26th and my final supervision. Waiting on transcripts from Wellesley so I can apply for a Stateside job. Waiting on two reference letters, ditto. Waiting on responses to submissions. Waiting on something I'm chagrined to be waiting on and know full well I probably won't get. And so it goes.

(My dreams have been strange of late: visions of alternate histories...Elizabeth I as a teenager, not yet queen, dying of poison administered by her father, lying in a coffin lovingly made up like a bed...some future where a friend of mine has a mouse-sized elephant for a pet, this sweet, tiny thing that eats lettuce and bits of banana from your hand...strange, but vivid. I want a tiny elephant of my own now.)
Tags: omfg are we bored
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