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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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Temp Gig: Day 1
Manpower has farmed me out to a major French gas and electricity supplier. So far, my duties consist mainly of fielding emails from clients and clients' agents, most of which contain one of two things:

1) Requests for copies of invoices that they've misplaced

2) Meter readings, which get plugged into a database

I'll learn a bunch of new stuff tomorrow, apparently, most of it evil and Excel-based. One of my co-workers, as it turns out, is practically my neighbor. Everyone I met today was lovely, though, which is distinctly different from most other non-teaching jobs I've had! Also, the environment is surprisingly low-key for a big, busy office.

Also: Moon is a fantastic movie. Whoa.

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It's one I think I may have to own.

Good first days are good!

Also: Moon is a fantastic movie. Whoa.

Yes, it is! One of my favorite movies of 2009. Simply stellar.

I don't actually start until March, which is a little annoying, but just knowing that I have something and that said something will pay feels great. If I can keep this up I can take the advanced classes I've been eyeing.

Hurrah for people being lovely!

I need to see Moon.

Yes, you do. It's rather unexpected!

Excel! *shakes fist*

I'm glad your co-workers have turned out better than most. And, though possibly not exciting, at least your job doesn't sound too painful.

And hey, Moon! I've been meaning to see that.

It's surprisingly tolerable :)

(Deleted comment)
So far, it seems to be working :)

oooh, you got some work! Yay :D

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