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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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Limping out of the fog, slowly but surely.
I got word today, finally, that our passports and new ID cards are safely back in the hands of the University of York Immigration Advice Service, which means that a) James and I are legal in the UK up through 30 January 2011, and b) I can pick them up on Monday and will finally have the proper documents on hand should I get any part-time job interviews. Also, Manpower will be happy about that.

In longer-term job prospect news, though, things are suddenly looking a lot better, too. I have two applications out for UK posts that would start in September: one in Edinburgh and one in Surrey. I've also learned of a couple US job opportunities that would also start in the autumn, but which require much more convoluted application materials. I'm going to have to think about how to balance those with my Ph.D. submission deadline in March. And there's the Pseudo Soc paper to worry about...

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I wondered if you'd gone for the Edinburgh job! Looks good.

Edinburgh and Surrey are both looking for somebody who's double threat - literature and creative writing, in other words. The posts I'm looking at Stateside are of a similar nature. It seems to be the new trend in what English Departments are looking for, which I hope will work out in my favor!

I'm glad things are looking up on the job front.

And not that it would mean much, but woo - Surrey is my neck of the woods :)

I seem to know a lot of people who come from there, oddly enough.

Valid paperwork is useful :D. I really need to get me a valid passport - I've been using a long-expired one as ID, which I don't think is technically valid even in one's home country.

And yay, good news on the job-hunt front :D Hope one of them comes through for you, or at least gets to encouraging interview type stages.

Yes, interviews would be good.

Best of luck with the applications and good to hear about the visa things!

I'm so happy to hear things are looking up somewhat. You've been in my thoughts lately, and it's a relief to hear that things are getting better.

By the way, do the US job opportunities mean you'd be moving back to the US, or is it some sort of distance-work?

Well, if I were to get one of the U.S. jobs, then yes, it'd mean that later this year we'd probably be relocating back to the U.S.

Ooooh, job prospects! Hurrah! I shall keep crossables crossed for you!

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