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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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Telling Stories in the Dark
First item of business: I just saw La Double Vie de Véronique for the first time this evening. It's a stunning, delicately shot film that leaves you with more questions than answers about the plot, and the music is simply breathtaking. I liked it well enough that I think I'll have to own it in the long run. For some strange reason, it made me think of what Amélie might have been like if it had been a) less optimistic, and b) far more abstract. I love French films. They don't know what they're playing at half the time, but they don't need to.

Second item of business: Dark Mountain Project updates! Thanks to a private donation of £1000, they've been able to knock the fundraising goal down from $7000 to a little over $5000. Given that they've so far raised almost $2500 in addition to the private donation, I'm fairly optimistic at this point. Dougald and Paul, the editors, continue to put in maddeningly long hours, and if you check the Dark Mountain Blog, they've posted some intriguing video dialogues (one of which features my friend Vinay Gupta). I confess that I must tilt my head at the few who have reviewed the Dark Mountain Manifesto as evidence that the aim of the project is to revel in the imminent breakdown of society. Not so: the video interviews go a long way in clarifying the project's creative aims, and as for myself, I understand it in terms of celebrating the aspects of life that won't change, those creative drives that will carry us through the rough times ahead. Who knows; it might not look much different from the world we have now. When I was little, my grandmother and I made up stories about wild horses that could speak and abandoned cabins in the forest where ghosts and other wonders lived. I'll think of it like that: telling stories in the dark and loving every minute of it.

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Double Vie de Veronique is not what I would call a French film :) It's uniquely Kieślowski's style (my compatriot who created his best films in France). I also recommmed his "Decalogue" (or "Short Film About Love" and "Short Film About Killing" if you cannot get it).
Kraków (the city of Weronika) is the city where I live in, but as it looked like 20 years ago :)

If not a completely French film, certainly a strongly French-influenced film. I watch a lot of French films, and it seemed to me that it follows a similar narrative trend.

I still remember when my parents went to go see La Double Vie de Véronique. I was 4 years old. My mother bought the soundtrack and it's been playing in our house ever since!

The music is so haunting.

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