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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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Strange occurrence:
Did anyone try calling me at about 7:20 AM? I was awakened to the sound of my phone ringing (my default ring is The Decemberists' "The Infanta," so you can imagine...), only to find that nobody was there by the time I had answered. It's definitely a UK number, but I don't recognize whose it is. I would have texted back, but my phone's out of credit, and my debit card got rejected three times when I tried to top up. There's no good reason that should be happening.

Considering that I've got to be in York by 11 AM for what should be my final supervision before I submit my Ph.D. thesis, this day is off to a somewhat jarring start.

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*has all fingers and toes crossed for your thesis submission!!* I hope the supervision goes well, phantom phone calls notwithstanding!

See new entry. Long day, but I'm pleased with the outcome!

(Deleted comment)
It did. See new entry :)

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