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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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Poem-sale déjà vu:
"Dreamer" will be appearing in Jabberwocky 5.

(I'm so pleased to be in this publication again! It's beautifully produced, and the editors have amazing taste. Can't wait to see what they'll serve up this time, om nom nom...)

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(Deleted comment)
Thanks :) I'm starting to nose around to see who else might be in the TOC so far...


FYI, I have my copy of Midnight Echo and it is GORGEOUS. AND two copies of Devil's Road Down arrived in the mail (for giving of gifts) along with it, so yesterday was a very Adrienne kind of day. :)

OMG, ISN'T IT? My contributor's copies just came in the post last week, and I'm gobsmacked. So big, too :) Enjoy DRD, too!

It IS big. I'm eyeing it with trepidation, because, well, horror. Not My Thing. But on the other hand, it's so *pretty*...

Oh, I already have my copy of DRD and have enjoyed it very much. I am now embarking on a campaign of subjecting friends and associates to it. Thus the purchasing of extra copies! Which will be doing loops of the globe, since I discovered it's impossible to order a book from an American publisher with an Australian credit card to be sent to Canada. Poor little books will just have to be packaged up again and sent on their way..

...you are quite the evangelist! :)

Apparently I have more fervour for decent poetry than i ever had for religous convictions :P.

Ooo, congrats!

[You wouldn't happen to have the website for Jabberwocky, would you? I've been meaning to try them since I saw a listing on a site I follow back around their issue 3 or 4, I think, only now I can't find my link. Thank you, if you do. :)]

Follow the link from here over to Prime Books :)

It's my "cover art" for the e-chapbook over at Gold Wake :)

(Deleted comment)

Also, hey! Someone who's just about to get her PhD from York is now teaching in Cornwall! Do you know Natalie Pollard, perchance? She's pretty awesome, and way into contemporary poetry...

Her name sounds very familiar to me, i.e. I'm sure I've seen it on the English Department website! However, I know I've definitely not met her. Perhaps I shall finally do so when I come see you :)

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