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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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It took BT long enough, but we now have steady internet access!
The router arrived this morning, but it should have arrived a week ago. As it turns out, they had got one small detail of our address wrong, and it ended up being returned to sender. FAIL. At least we caught the error soon enough. I have to say, BT has only ever made me mad, but this nice, shiny, free HomeHub router is pretty easy to use. Set-up took all of 30 seconds, and the broadband is much quicker than when we were using a pair of rickety old secondhand routers at the old house.

The new flat is mostly in order. The broken bedroom furniture has either been repaired or replaced, and insulating the windows with that sticky-tube lining stuff has done wonders for keeping the heat in. In addition to the amazing modern open-plan kitchen, perhaps the biggest perks of all are:

1) the water bill is included in our rent, and

2) the flat is entirely run on electric. No faffing with gas for the hob!

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Congratulation !
I am always a bit amazed by how important having the internet at home is nowadays... You feel like you haven`t finished moving in until you have wifi access in your bedroom (well, I know I did...)

Home is where your connection is!

It may sound stupid, but yes, it totally is. ^^ (Or at last some major part... )


...and damnit, I'd kill for a gas hob. Electric sucks! :-p

Well, the electric one in this flat is absolutely amazing. After dealing with a persnickety gas one that wouldn't light half the time in our old house, it's a blessing.

Hah, okay, I'll give you that. I just really miss gas...

(Deleted comment)
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