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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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Photos of the new flat, as per your requests:

Wonky chest of drawers is wonky. Getting replaced on Friday.

The Leaning Wardrobe of Leeds! Fortunately, it was fixed today, so it no longer lists over our bed at such a perilous angle. It wasn't helping me sleep, I'll tell you that much.

(Deleted comment)
That was part of the draw, aside from it being right next to James's workplace. Plus the unbelievably reasonable rent, considering where it's located. I love the open plan kitchen/living room. This is my first experience with open plan, but let me tell you, I don't think I'll ever go back to a more traditional setup!

Very nice!

Must try to encourage friends to take me to the Leeds Armoury!

And if you do come, you can visit us while you're at it! It's a 30-second walk from the Armouries main entrance to the building our flat is in. And if you fancy some shopping, there's a G-Star Raw and an All Saints right below us...

What a lovely place! I hope you really enjoy living there :)

So far, I haven't got much of a social life. When we have our open house drinks later this month, you shall get an invite :)

Oh, lovely :) Did it come furnished?

It's funny to hear people say they're not used to open-plan. Is open-plan not a common design feature in your half of the world? I'm looking at houses in Sydney at the moment, and if we end up with one of the older fifties-era places, it'll be the first house I can remember living in that *isn't* open plan. My current flat has its lounge separate from the kitchen and dining area, which is odd enough.

Yes, it came furnished, but bookshelves were not included, so we had to get our hands on those!

Open-plan is not very common here in the UK, especially not in older houses and flat developments.

Ooh, shiny! It looks super stylish. I especially like the look of the kitchen.

That may be my favorite aspect.

Very nice! Leaning Wardrobe of Leeds is a little scary. :D

Fortunately, it is no more!

(Deleted comment)
Follow-up pics to come, as stuff is getting shuffled around, etc.

Very nice! We also have a wonky chest of drawers, which has been menacing us from the day we brought it home. We call it Dressor the Malevolent. One day maybe we'll manage to replace it...

It's a bit less homey than the last place, isn't it? But I bet it's very convenient.

Convenient, and actually more homey than you'd think :)

(Deleted comment)
OMG, your flat is so shibby and modern! I especially love your kitchen.

Looks very nice! Though, God knows I'd fall on one of those glass tables haha

The corners hurt when you run into them.

it looks great now (leaning wardrobe aside) but when you're finished? this flat is going to be AWESOME.

Looks really nice! I like the modern toilet.

I love open floor plans too. They're so nice and informal, merging the two most-used rooms in a house. :)

Yeah, I love the toilet, too :)