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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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Happy Christmas...
...and Boxing Day to all (who celebrate them, of course)!

I hope I'll be seeing Sherlock Holmes tomorrow, but, failing that, I will definitely be watching the RSC's Hamlet with David Tennant on BBC at 5:00 PM! I hope it's every bit as good as people say it was.

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I'm so jealous that you get to see that! BBC America is doing better these days - we get the Doctor Who stuff "only" a few days late - but we still don't get anything from the RSC!

I'm US, too. But a friend sent me this. It says it's not, but it is back to working at the moment!

So, YES, Hamlet tomorrow!

Aooo, it lies and really does work?! HAMLET HAMLET HAMLET!!!

It worked and then was out...and then magically worked again this week for Hamlet and Doctor Who! :)

I hope the Christmas miracle lasts through tomorrow...

I'm going to give it a shot...! Thank you!

I really hope you both get to see it!

Funny, I'm planning on watching Sherlock Holmes tomorrow, too!

Looks like I may see it tomorrow instead.

Merry Christmas!!
And I hope you make it to the theater...but Hamlet! :)

Alas, no movie theater - Holmes will have to wait till tomorrow.

Really want to see Sherlock Holmes, but I think my day will be filled with shopping tomorrow. Hmm...

Shopping in this town in the days following Christmas is nearly impossible. Things are slow to open back up!

I saw Sherlock! I saw it! I swooned. I'll have to see it again to catch all I missed while squee-ing and swooning.

I saw one reviewer call it a gorgeous gay love story or something like that. I know it's not entirely faithful to the original concept, but damn if that reviewer hasn't made me curious. Plus, you know: ROBERT DOWNEY, JR. AND JUDE LAW. You can't go wrong!

Oh yes. It was quite slashy in the loveliest of ways. I'm not always a Jude Law fan, but he was wonderful in this and his chemistry with RDJ was much of the charm.

I found Downey's Holmes different, but not in the ways I expected it to be different. Yes, he's more action oriented, but the bare knuckle fighting is not in itself a departure from the original Holmes, and it was a great scene. I don't know. I just really enjoyed the hell out of it.

Law had a...gentler energy about him in this performance, in spite of the fact that he shoots things, etc. It's a good look on him!

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