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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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Fleeing the snot-monster, to no avail...
I'm on flare-up #3 of the sinus-infection-coughy-thing that our decaying, shortly-to-be-vacated house has inflicted upon me. I swear, the 28th can't arrive soon enough! I can only subdue this thing with drugs for so long. I'm tired of walking around in a Benadryl-induced haze. Meanwhile, teaching is over for the term, thank goodness, although I meet with my supervisors on Friday to determine whether or not my most recent overhaul of Chapter 3 is sufficient. Everything else is edited, final, tight. But this goddamn last chapter has thrown me for two loops now, and I'm praying it won't throw me for a third. Well, even if it does, we've set February 14th as my official submission date, and my viva, for which my external examiner has already been procured, will be scheduled in March. The truth lies somewhere between here and early February. I'm just not sure where.

The CMS annual Christmas Party is on Friday afternoon, right after my supervision. This means that I can go drink myself silly if the news is bad/frustrating/WTF. But I don't expect it to be. I felt good about this most recent edit, I really did. I dug in hard and made some incredibly bold statements in my conclusion, which I hope are warranted.

The highlight of the CMS party, as many of you know, is the yearly poetry competition (which I won in 2005, and then didn't bother to enter out of sheer laziness for the next several years). This year, instead, they decided to hold a medieval-lit-based Lonely Hearts Advert competition (hence my "glee and amusement" status message on Facebook last week).

You bet your ass I entered. It's time I attempted to reclaim my crown.

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The truth lies somewhere between here and early February. I'm just not sure where. Alas, I suspect the truth lies close to early February. I haven't yet met a Ph.D candidate who finished before deadline, although I've met many who finished after the deadline. Don't tweak it to death - you need to have something left over to revise for the book! :)

Good luck with the competition, it sounds like fun!

I will allow it to lie somewhere in mid to late January, as we plan on meeting one more time, around then, before I submit. I feel that Friday's meeting is somehow more momentous, because it's sort of the...final-before-final meeting, I guess you could say.

(And thank you!)

That sounds like an AMAZING competition, heeee.

And I'll bet anything the feedback will be excellent. Having a good gut feeling about it is a good sign. ;-)

I won't post my competition entry here until after Friday, not even locked, mostly because a lot of other CMSers read this blog, and the entries are meant to remain anonymous up until the judges announce the winner at Friday's party. But dude, yeah, I had so much fun writing my entry. And people who know me will probably not fall too far short in their guesses as to what I might have done.

(Deleted comment)
...yes, true. That would be the alternative!

You can schedule a viva before you submit? Wow! Even with my external examiners sorted months before I submitted, I'm not expecting to hear back for a least 2 months, and possibly up to 6.
*is envious*

Good luck with the final-before-final meeting!

Not for a precise date, no - but we do, in fact, have my external examiner settled, i.e. he has agreed to do it and to do it in March. So, effectively, yes, I suppose so! I don't know how much of this is particular to my case or if such things are more common in the UK on the whole. I have not bothered to ask my friends at what point they knew for sure who would be examining them and roughly when.

I know who is examining, but not officially, as it is not meant to be my business. It's the time of return that is totally unknown - there doesn't seem to be any set period in which the thesis should be marked. Of course, handing in over Christmas is also more problematic down here, as everyone is off on their summer holiday...

Here, there's no stigma against knowing who your external examiner is going to be, so long as you personally don't try to enter into correspondence with them. That is entirely your supervisor's/supervisors' job. I mean, as soon as they had spoken to the individual in question about examining me and he had said yes, they told me they had got him onboard. No big thing.

Have you ever tried a Neti pot for your sinus problems? I've been recommending it a lot to people lately because I've found it really helps clear clogged passages, flush out irritants and the salt helps bring down sinus swelling. Plastic ones are really inexpensive and I got mine at a local pharmacy.

Hope you're feeling better soon. Sinus problems are miserable. :(

Second the recommendation on the Neti pot, most strongly. It's really done a great job for me.

I've heard of them, but not yet tried them! Thank you for the tip.

Blech. I do hope you feel better!

Good luck with the edit and the contest--and the impending move!

Feeling much better than I was! I just need to hope for a lack of relapses in the next ten days (that's how long till the move).

Oh, good! And I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!

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