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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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Riff-raff, updates, & etc.
For those of you who requested holiday postcards from me: as of today, they've all been stamped, watercolored, written, addressed, and sent out. For those of you on my side of the Atlantic, I must apologize for any coloring wonkiness; I didn't figure out the optimal drying-time for the stamping ink until I hit the U.S./Canada batch, and therefore the black mixed in a bit with the green and blue. I'm kind of miffed at this, but I think you'll understand what I was trying to do.

Secondly, erzebet has made a lovely post about her upcoming Papaveria edition of my "Journeying," which is part of a sequence of posts about upcoming releases. Seriously, I'm not going to be able to restrain myself. These books promise to be beautiful both inside and out! Others will feature the likes of alankria and tithenai.

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OH hai! Did I? I can't remember, but I certainly would love one!

No, you didn't - but it's not too late for me to send you one, certainly! Email or PM me your address :)

Done! Also, hello, sleepless buddy.

Address received. And yeah, it seems like my body doesn't like to fall asleep before about 2 AM, even if I'm tired.

Oh no! I missed an opportunity to solicit a holiday card from you? Is it too late?

Also, if you'll e-mail me your address at d brannon at g mail dot com, I'll send you one too. (It likely won't be as cool as yours, me being stamp-less.)

No, not too late - I'll email you my address, and you can respond with yours.

I received mine this morning, and it's lovely, thank you. :)

Oh, good! Yours was the very first I colored, though, so I think it may have fared the worst. The black ink really bled in with the blue and green...

*stunned face*
having been a hermit and thus not seen this post before - how do I get my hands on one of those copies of Journeying and how much are they???

Well, the good news is that the illustrator has not got the images finished yet, so it will probably be a good couple months before Erzebet manages to start the binding process. As far as I can tell, her little handmade editions run anywhere from $30-$40.

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